Client: Westpac / Agency: DDB Sydney / Director: Buck Animation

When tasked with launching a 3% interest savings rate, specifically for young people, we decided to stop lecturing and start celebrating.

We found that not only are they the nation's best savers, young Aussies are breaking the shackles of traditional careers and are finding incredible and... incredibly strange ways of making money.

So, by working with some of the world’s top young animators we created a social first digital campaign that championed how young Aussies are making their hard earned - ditching our TVC heavy tradition and embracing a completely new look and feel for the brand.

From chauffeuring pugs between cities to retrieving lost shoes from rooftops, we created a suite of bold 15 second social films. We also created gifs, ran banners, did website takeovers and even popped up on Tinder.

This fully integrated digital campaign, took a grounded human insight, spoke to young people where they spend their time and did it in a completely new way for the category.

The result? A MAJOR impact.

21 thousand young Aussies joined Westpac for the first time.

532,328 new savings accounts were opened.

Who said you can’t teach an old bank new tricks.