Westpac Ari

Client: Westpac / Agency: DDB Sydney / Director: Garth Davis

Ari is not your typical bank ad.

And quite deliberately so.

Ari was the continuation of our ‘Help in the moments that matter’ campaign for Westpac.

Why divorce?

We found that there are significant life moments when customers consider switching or staying with their current bank. The birth of a child, the death of a parent, love & marriage, separation & divorce. In these moments people don’t come to the bank for products specifically, they come to them for an outcome. They’re not just emotionally significant life events, they’re some of the most financially complex as well.

Divorce impacts over 50,000 Australians (not to mention the children) each year, it’s the second most stressful life event after the death of a spouse. 49% of people put off looking into financial matters when they were separating, no doubt because it can feel incredibly overwhelming.

This insight made us reavaluate Westpac’s messaging and media strategy, creating a deliberate shift from short term rate and offer first communications to long term emotionally driven storytelling.

The story wasn’t just about Ari though.

Westpac relooked at multiple product offerings and created products specifically for customers experiencing separation. To further help them Westpac also developed a thorough online checklist to assist those considering a divorce. All the products and advice were housed within a ‘Separation Hub’ on the Westpac site. 

The Separation Hub

Westpac also collaborated with Mamamia, Australia’s largest independant media group, to create a podcast series hosted by comedian Mandy Nolan to help inform and guide women considering or dealing with a separation.

Not only did the ‘Ari’ film endear itself to the Australian population, the work and products supporting it created a new conversation in the market, broke category conventions and invited people to rethink banking.

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