Westpac Frank

Client: Westpac / Agency: DDB Sydney / Director:  Christopher Riggert

The relaunch of Westpac with the ‘help in the moments that matter’ service strategy was followed by Frank.

Frank was the first of our ‘life moments’ campaign.

After years of being unable to shift the dial on brand and product consideration and during a damaging Australian Royal Commission into Banking we decided to explore a totally different approach for Westpac’s advertising.

We found that there are significant life moments when customers consider switching or staying with their bank. The birth of a child, the death of a parent, love & marriage, heartbreak & divorce. In these moments people don’t come to banks for products, they’re looking for an outcome.

With this insight in mind Westpac was willing to revaluate their entire messaging and media strategy.

To separate themselves from the other banks, Westpac embraced this brave approach, highlighting key financial moments which other brands are generally too afraid to confront; starting with losing a loved one, which happens to be one of life’s most complex financial moments.

What followed was Frank.

People loved Frank

‘...the most brilliant TV commercial I have seen for many years.’

Full page Opinion piece ed in The Australian newspaper.

AdWeek: Ad of the day

The results

41% more likely to consider Westpac as a result of having seen the Help TVC

47% more positive to Westpac after seeing the ‘Frank’ loss of a loved one TVC

41% more likely to consider Westpac in the future after seeing the campaign

Positive brand noise

Between March and August 2018 prompted brand noise for the bank increased from 15% to 26%. A significant shift for the bank; whilst the other three big banks noise in market plateaued, Westpac’s increased, making net sentiment positive for the first time since the Royal Commission. (GalKal Campaign Deep Dive 2018).

Enjoyment measures of the Frank campaign were very strong, it outperformed every previous Westpac campaign.