Westpac Help 200

Client: Westpac / Agency: DDB Sydney / Director: Mark Malloy

The Westpac Help 200 campaign was a major reset of the Westpac banking brand in their 200th year.

A radical shift in how banking brands often look and feel the campaign brought to life the quintessential Australian spirit of mateship.

As Australia’s oldest company, they’ve become part of the nation’s fabric. They pride themselves on helping people when it matters – in war time; major natural disasters; helping buying their homes, funding major infrastructure like the Sydney Harbour Bridge or helping new arrivals to the country.

Depicted through a series of powerful scenes inspired by historical moments the campaign was an evolution of the brand’s ‘Proudly Supporting You’ positioning.

The campaign also aligned with the introduction of their ‘Service Promise’ strategy, designed to put customers at the heart of every interaction. 

Launch poster featuring the iconic Westpac Rescue Chopper